My Sports Leagues - by Felix F Giordano

Welcome to my website. I am commissioner of the APFL, ABFL, and the BIBL. All three leagues are Action PC based and you can access each page on the left of this home page by clicking on the appropriate link.

Background information on these leagues:

The American Professional Football League (APFL)

Formally known as the American Postal Football League, the APFL was founded in 1974 by Bob Moore of Loveland, Colorado. In those days, the APFL was centered around the APBA Board Football Game. Back in the 1980's, the center of the APFL Universe was Tenafly, NJ. Stu McCorkindale, Mike Kane and TK Kane took turns being Commissioner. The annual rookie and free agent drafts were held at the Kane's household and during the season, their basement became a hotbed for FTF APFL league games. The APFL continued using the APBA Board Game until the computer invaded our lives and APBA developed a DOS computer version of its game. Eventually, the APFL leadership reviewed the Action PC Football Game and found it to be a faithfully produced football replay game. The APFL is currently playing its 39th season.

The APFL utilizes the Action PC Football Game.

The Allen-Bell Football League (ABFL)

The Boyhood Idol Baseball League (BIBL)
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